Tuesday 2 November 2010

Roscoe born in 1891 and all that!

Midlake born in 1891!
It was a brilliant gig at Norwich UEA last night with Midlake, John Grant and Jason Lytle. Once a Grandaddy always a Grandaddy! Jason Lytle entertained us on his acoustic guitar in his red beanie hat. With Grandaddy tracks 2000 Man and Crystal Lake in his set we were all suitably entertained.

Next on stage was John Grant singer from the Czars. he sang about Sigourney Weaver and I Wanna Go To Marz. His voice is very expressive as evident on his album Queen of Denmark. He proved that he is a wizard on the keyboards.

Finally it was time for the headliners Midlake. With seven members on stage it was an amazing site as they took us to to the forest where they make their house from cedars. Where they make their house from stone. This is the world where you change your name to something more productive like Roscoe. Been born in 1891. I love that song!

The beardy Texans ruled Norwich UEA last night with their dense beautiful folk sound. They can seem serious but you know that their is a fun side to them. At the end of the night they were joined on stage by Jason Lytle and John Grant to cap a truly memorable night.

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  1. Yes, but can you remember what make Mr Lytle's hat was? Bloody love that hat.

    Nice blog. Good to know there are others in Norwich whose concerns include Utd and Sonic Youth.