Saturday 13 November 2010

Klaxons taking us to another dimension!

The Klaxons taking us from Atlantis to Interzone!
It was another brilliant gig at Norwich UEA last night with The Klaxons once again magnificently ruling the night and the Universe it seemed!

First on stage were Fiction who entertained us happily with their Art Punk complete with keyboards. Mixing Talking Heads and Vampire Weekend with Eighties Pop they are definitely welcome to the jungle, especially on the track Zebra Crossing!

The last time The Klaxons played at Norwich UEA they said that it was the best gig of the tour. This time they knew they had all the audience on their side and milked it to give us another memorable night. With the full in your face complete with strobe lighting of Altlantis To Interzone, Golden Skans and Gravity's Rainbow it was always going to be a big full on show. With tracks from Surfing The Void like Echoes and Flashover The Klaxons are turning into a band to sit up and take notice of in a big way.

As Jamie Reynolds said: "We believe in the collective consciousness and the world shift, and the dissolving of boundaries and the bringing together of humanity, and everybody having the same objective and living together in harmony," This band has a lot to say. Believe in The Klaxons!

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