Saturday 27 November 2010

Laura Marling brings her magic to Norwich Waterfront!

Laura Marling brings her magic to Norwich Waterfront!
You were so smart then in your jacket and coat.
My softest red scarf was warming your throat.
Winter was on us, at the end of my nose, but I never love England more than when covered in snow.

With the snow falling as I made my way to Norwich Waterfront on Friday night to see Laura Marling how appropriate these words from Goodbye England (Covered In Snow) seemed.

The support band on this sold out night were the Louise Hull fronted band The Pins. With songs about Elvis and Jimmy Dean they brought a touch of the Fifties to the night. This three girl harmony group are making doo wop cool again!

All of this can be broken. Hold your devil by his spoke and spin him to the ground. Laura Marling started her performance with Devil's Spoke with was very enthusiastically received on her first visit to Norwich. Between songs she interacted with the crowd, dealing with football chants, drunken tributes and people chatting who maybe should have gone somewhere else as Laura Marling stated from the stage.

Oh give me to a Rambling Man. Let it always be known that I was who I am. Laura Marling is very talented with good songs and an amazing voice. This year she was number one in the NME Cool List. Her third album which she intended to release this year has been delayed which she performed three songs from tonight.

There's a house across the river but alas I cannot swim and a garden of such beauty that the flowers seem to grin. Don't spend your life with regrets jump in the river and swim! Laura Marling's songs are full of inspiration and meaning. She seems so at home on stage where she spellbounds audiences with her performances and songs.

For must of the night Laura Marling played with a full band but for a section of the gig it was just her and an acoustic guitar. This was definitely the time to stay quiet and listen! It was a privilege to see such a talented performer playing in Norwich who I'm sure will be entertaining us for years to come. She said that only chessy rock bands like Aerosmith can get away with encores but the deal was we got two new songs as a medley at the end!

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