Friday 19 November 2010

Walking elegantly along Cathedral Close

Norwich Cathedral Close
She wears a flowered vintage dress from Prim that turns all the heads. Walking elegantly along Cathedral Close in the Autumn sunshine with the pavement covered in leaves looking confident and at ease. Stopping briefly at the herb garden to reminisce on times gone by.

A smile breaks out on her face just as a rainbow appears in the sky. The Sun lights up her face highlighting how radiant she is looking and feeling. She is walking as tall as the spire of Norwich Cathedral blissfully happy in a care free state of mind.

At Pulls Ferry she stops to catch the cool air of the Wensum spotting a duck on the water. She is enjoying her afternoon stroll where the city is in harmony with nature. Relaxed and calmly she reaches the steps of the Complete Angler where she is meeting a friend for good wine and conversation.

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