Thursday 14 October 2010

Apples and pears at Norwich Marketplace

Norwich Marketplace full of
delights and wonder 
Apples and pears oh I declare full of goodness to keep the Doctor away. Oranges and Lemons the bells of St Peter Mancroft, all your fruity delights available on Norwich Market. Rain or shine you can always rely on a bargain under the multi coloured stalls served with a friendly smile.

I want parsnips but you want broccoli. Don't despair we can have both and mushrooms as well. No need to ponder on your choice of vegetables for your Sunday roast, you can have it all and more under the Norfolk Sun as it shines on a Fine City.
Hog roast and jacket potatoes or maybe you want fish and chips served with mushy peas for lunch. In the afternoon purchase an ice cream full of gourmet fresh cream and relax in this place of delights and wonder.

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