Thursday 28 October 2010

My heart is an acoustic guitar

The strings on an acoustic guitar are like the blood pumping around my heart. The sounds that they produce can be either happy or sad. Just like my heart the strings can be broken and all appears to be lost. Give a little time for repair and healing and just like my heart you will hear happy tunes again bursting into the air and reaching the ceiling.

You can be sad inside in an emotional turmoil or overjoyed with happiness that you want to tell the whole world. Play your acoustic guitar and everyone will know what your feeling. In good times and bad the sounds that the strings produce represent deep complex feelings which at times can tear us apart while others fill us with all the joys of happiness.

In times of quite reflection the music on an acoustic guitar can be the best therapy of all. It seems that the strings have a direct line all the way to my heart. There is no need to hide away all your feelings. Let the strings on an acoustic guitar express your heart.

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