Friday 1 October 2010

There's only one Kano!

Kano keeping it real!
It was a night of Grime at Norwich Waterfront on Thursday night with lots of banging tunes courtesy of Kano and Ghetts. It was a very appreciative audience who responded with great enthusiasm to everything happening on stage. Keep it nice and simple, a DJ and a MC giving it to the crowd. It was one big party!

After Ghetts had warmed everyone up into a frenzy there was going to be nothing stopping Kano lifting the roof off the King Street venue. it would be wrong to label Kano with just being Grime as he has so many more different styles of music influencing his music. A mixture of Electronica, Dubstep and Pop ensuring that he has ability to appeal to an wider audience. An example of this is All and All Together featuring Hot Chip that is clear indication of the progression on his new album.

His devoted fans started chanting: "There's only one Kano! There's only one Kano!" he could do no wrong! No one can doubt his rapping skills and flow. He takes the basics of Hip Hop and adds other influences showing everyone that he is an evolving artist who is open to new ideas. There is definitely method in the madness!

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