Thursday, 7 October 2010

No Age make it an awesome night!

No Age came, saw and conquered at Norwich Arts Centre last night! They were absolutely amazing with an assault of lo-fi noise mixed with melody. They have brought College Rock into the 21st Century evoking memories of Husker Du and Pavement. They created enough energy to power Norwich for the next six months! It was like the venue was full of devoted No Age fans. The band called the Arts Centre an awesome venue, it couldn't get any better!

On their new album Everything in Between there are pop sensibilities escaping from the lo-fi wall of noise. Augmented by a new member on synths live No Age's sound reached a new level. Vocalist Dean Spunt was sat at his drum kit while his voice echoed around the auditorium. While Randy Randall was making our ears bleed with his guitar playing!
Tracks like Life Prowler with it's buzzing guitars and thumped drums and Fever Dreaming that evokes memories of My Bloody Valentine have an amazing lifting effect. While Common Heat is an anthem of desperation.
With brilliant support from Lady Panther and John Weise this was definately a night to remember!

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