Monday 25 October 2010

Crystal Castles Digipunk Art Statement!

Crystal Castles Digipunk Art Statement! 
I was in a good mood arriving at Norwich UEA on Sunday evening for the Crystal Castles gig having watched Manchester United beat Stoke City 2-1 in the UEA Student Bar with two goals from Chicharito. His first goal scored with an backwards header is what I would call an Art Statement. I would say that Crystal Castles are one big Digipunk Art Statement!

After seeing HEALTH at Norwich Arts Centre last year I was really looking forward to seeing them again and I was not disappointed.  That means they have blown my mind twice! The sound and the intensity of their live shows is out of this world.

After having our minds blown once we all had to get prepared for it all happening again with Crystal Castles. Every second they were on stage it was like I was taken to another dimension. Ethan Kath let's loose the noise and our eyes are stunned by a mass of strobe lighting! Then Alice Glass makes her entrance on stage screaming and shouting causing mass hysteria in the audience. For the next hour it was like all our senses were ripped apart by the greatest Digipunk band in the world! Alice was crowd surfing without a care in the world and I was jumping up and down in awe of one of my favourite bands.

Crystal Castles have been accused of being style over substance. I would say that is completely missing the point. This is Ethan and Alice's Art on full view to the world. They may shock but that is the case with lots of Art. I love both their albums and their live show is a stunning though provoking spectacle. This has to be one of the best gigs of my life!

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