Monday 4 October 2010

Whitefriars in the Afternoon Sun

St James Mill, Norwich
I walk out of Norwich Puppet Theatre into the afternoon Sun feeling like a puppet on a string. As I walk up Whitefriars I can feel the air blowing up from the River Wensum as I stroll across the bridge.

As I turn and look I spot a pair of swans on the river. This is where in the Thirteenth Century Carmelite Monks founded their monastery next to the then known St. Martins Bridge. With lots of stories to tell from Robert Kett's rebellion to the secret tunnel to the White Lion Pub.

I am now in the shadow of the magnificent St James Mill that is full of memories of the weaving trade. Today it is full of the wonders of the Twenty First Century complete with broadband connections. With its elegant tower you would think that you were in the presence of a medieval castle.

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