Wednesday 6 October 2010

The bells are ringing out at St Peter Mancroft

St Peter Mancroft Church, Norwich
As I stand on the steps outside The Forum the air is suddenly full of the sound of fourteen pealing Whitechapel bells. I look across to St Peter Mancroft Church standing majestic in the City Centre towering above Norwich Marketplace and Gentleman's Walk.

Full of beautiful stained glass windows gleaming in the Sun. Mancroft is Latin for a great open space recalling The Normans positioning of the Market in medieval times many Centuries ago. The church is dedicated to both St Peter and St Paul with their symbols appearing on either side of the porch door.

I stroll down to the statue of Sir Thomas Browne surrounded by a marble eye and brain. It's time for lunch so I take my seat and take a bite out of my tuna sandwiches.

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